This page is about fetishistic foot, leg and foot stories presented by fetishists themselves, from real eccentric sexual scenarios and fantasies on live cameras and without them. Below is a list of many different sexy stories about leg sex, footjob and eccentric fantasy and role playing.

To be honest, a lot of free live video streams can be see on Chaturbate feet category and all is there mostly for free. A lot of models do the foot or soles show and if you just pick a beautiful lady and ask to show her feet, you is mostly successful. I like it particularly because its a kind of a surprise to see a feet of a beautiful lady which are until now – hidden.

If this doesn’t convince you that your foot fetish is normal … I don’t know what! As those of you who read my stories know, I’m lucky to be married to a very sexy blonde who loves my foot fetish and regularly gives me the most amazing footjobs.

I started to accept the fact that she actually gave Footjobs to other guys than we met, and I was shocked when her best friend Jackie gave me Footjob! (See my old story, “The Payback.”) Even more amazing was the fact that Jackie told Debbie she wanted to give me another footjob because the first one went so fast. That’s how it should be. In the picture above is one of the most skilled footjob camgirls on chaturbate.

My breath catches in my throat as he bends his leg, hooks his leg over his knee to reach him. He massages his smooth arms around the whole soft-looking leg and my tongue almost hangs from my mouth.

Time seems to slow down as her fingers slide around the arch and feel every tendon and muscle under her skin. The pink color of her soles is pressed beautifully under her toes, the meat glides after lubrication with sunscreen. He works his toes between his toes, gracefully stretching them before squeezing them in the palm of his hand.

I love the beach. I hide behind my dark sunglasses and I can watch what I want, and what I want right now are the amazing legs of this beautiful woman.

Now to be honest, I like young feet and not only that. I dicovered that on Chaturbate mature there can be found really amazing and most sexy feet and soles of the true ladies.

He stretches his legs straight, lazes in the sun, and begins to dig his toes into the sand at the edge of the towel. I watch her wiggle them, catch the sand and then let it go like a cat kneading her mother’s teat. He rolls on his stomach and bends his knees, playfully kicking his calves back and forth in the air.

I widened my eyes as she crossed her ankles and aimed her feet like a ballerina, her fingers twisting. I imagine pulling my tongue over her toe, rubbing it with saliva and sucking it between my teeth. I imagine how it would taste, the scent of sunscreen, but the amazing feminine musk that clings to a woman’s skin like ragweed.

I imagine digging my thumbs into her arches, feeling every comb and wrinkle moaning with pleasure from my attention. She would throw her head back and let me soothe the worries of the day with my experienced hands. I ran my tongue over the ridge under her fingers and gripped her heel in my palm.

I roll onto my stomach and suppress a moan of disappointment as my unconscious model jumps up and runs into the water. I don’t even watch him leave, my heart is so broken when he leaves me. I folded my chin in my palm and looked at the beach visitors in the hot sun.

It simply works with your imagination – dont you want to take off this heels out of bare feet of mature lady Miss_Kora. Just in your head you picture those beautiful round and soft soles of her feet, yes?

And at that moment I see her. She is wearing a string bikini that barely covers her supple tanned body, but the best part of her toned form is a pair of perfectly manicured feet at the bottom of her stalks.

They’re wrapped in a set of the most beautiful sandals I’ve ever seen, and I don’t know how she manages to balance on five-inch heels in the sand. Her toes are painted cherry red, which shines brightly in the afternoon sun. Tears came out of my mouth as she tensed in my direction and dropped my bag and towel on the floor a few feet from me.

She bends down to unfold the towel, and my breath catches in my throat as she watches the tension in her ankles as she does so. Her body is bent in half to straighten the fabric, her legs in their impossible stroke. The heel is so thin that it is amazing that even the state can withstand them. It reminds me when I watch online how women tease my feet

With a gentle hand, he slides down his smooth leg and plays with a clasp of winding skin and unfolds it with deft fingers. She begins to unwrap the thin strands around her toned legs, unwinds to what looks like a clock, and approaches her beautiful legs. When she reaches the bone of her ankle, it’s as if she is revealing a gift just for me.

When he slips his foot out of the sexy black prison, I think I could suffocate with the dumpling of desire in my throat. She rests her bare feet on her toes in the sand, while she unbuttons the other, and the elegant way her sole stretches makes my heart pound in my chest. The way her heel stands out like a prized globe, a pedestal that holds her body like a proud pillar of strength.

The gap between the belly of her foot and the outer edge is a delicious cave that just begs for my tongue to fill it. I found myself salivating like I was hungry and standing in front of a buffet. Every comb of her skin is so exciting that it takes all my will not to reach out and run my fingertip over them.

. The tiny corners of her Achilles heel are plump and alluring, like small lips begging for bites.

Imagineeven as I strike them with my lips, I run my tongue between the folds, alternately moistening them and biting my teeth.

He takes off his second sandal and falls to the sand on her flat feet, pressing his toes to his feet with a slight consensual moan. I drink in her meowing like the word of God and imagine the sound coming from her as I swing my tongue between her toes.

I shudder at the thought, even as the heat hits me, and goosebumps run down my arms.

She shakes a little, rinses her feet back and forth to really dig them, and then bends down again to rummage in her beach bag. She makes a bottle of water and a glass of coconut oil, and I pray that she lubricates those beautiful legs.

Fate is on my side today as he falls on his shapely ass and raises his legs to the yoga position. His right leg is nestled above the knee, his left one on the opposite thigh. She drinks water for a long time, her throat swaying with movement. She is too zealous and runs a little down her chin, a few droplets spill on her foot, and the shimmering fluid lets her pull down gravity along the graceful slope of her arch.

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She giggles and wipes it away, her thin fingers running over her smooth skin. She takes a finger of coconut oil from her jaw and warms it in her palm, allowing the fast-melting liquid to drip onto her foot. Soon a few shiny drops of oil appear to adorn her inverted leg, and she begins to massage, her toes deft, as if working on a ball of dough.

He digs his thumbs deep into his stomachs while gripping his toes. He wants it all so I don’t get closer, don’t throw her hands away and just wipe my face on that beautiful work of art.

He works the oil in his heel with his palms and, on the other hand, picks up some sand. It gently rubs the sand against the dry skin of the heel and uses it as a natural peeling to reveal the delicate baby skin beneath it. I’m amazed by this ingenuity, why buy expensive products in the store when you can only go to the beach? And do a foot peeling right in front of me?

I struggle to keep my mouth open as she paid attention to her leg, then turned to the other. He soon has both feet well oiled and sanded, stretching his legs in front of him and pointing his toes. He straightens his legs again, admires his nails and bends them a little.

She starts rubbing her calves with oil, but I still watch her feet bend as her toes move. The nails only reach the hair at the tips of her fingers, the perfect length. Too short and the nail polish looks like a postage stamp, but too long and the toes look twisted. Just so much that the fire red gloss is a beautiful accent of beautiful numbers.

Her joints are not too big or too small, her fingers are slender and thin. They are not too long and the big toe is the longest, so it creates a perfect diagonal line up to a small one. The smallest toe is a beautiful, slightly curved apostrophe with a small triangle of toenail on the tip.

When he bends his foot, the baby’s finger almost disappears behind the penultimate one, creating a beautiful fan of fingers that I want to intertwine my fingers.

I imagine painting my nails, keeping my toes apart, lovingly painting each with a few playful colors; chewing gum pink, jay blue, construction orange. I imagine she’s the type of girl to indulge in me, sit on the kitchen counter and shake her legs in front of my face while I kneel on the tile and try to bite them as they walk by.

And then she runs along the beach to the water, another set of perfect legs hiding under the cursed waves of the ocean. I sigh dreamily and roll on my side, knowing that I won’t have to look too far to find my next exciting show at Chaturbate feet website.

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